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Daily Live Stream Schedule

The Journey – Sundays @ 9AM PST
Javier Macias – Sundays @ 12PM PST
Dr. Kevin Chapman – Mondays @ 9AM PST
Allyson Johnson – Mondays @ 3PM PST
Julieann Hartman – Tuesdays @ 9AM PST
Colleen Iammarino – Tuesdays @ 6PM PST
Esther Samboe – Wednesdays @ 8:30AM PST
LUNCH BREAK – Wednesday @ 12 PM PST
HARTbeat – Wednesdays @ 5PM PST
Cindy Mezas – Thursdays @ 5AM PST
Mike Hoesch – Thursdays @ 8AM PST
Nichole Marbach – Thursdays @ 6 PM PST
Guest Teachers – Fridays @ 9AM PST
Jeremiah Klaas – Fridays @ 4PM PST
Karen Metcalfe – Saturdays @ 7AM PST

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