Who We Are

Lance Williams

Lance Williams was healed of Meth Addiction & Crohns Disease.

At 15 years old Lance’s identity was in sports. After being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease he lost his identity and strayed from the Lord and looked to worldly things. After multiple years of drug addictions and demonic possession he had a spiritual encounter with the Lord that changed his life forever.

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Allyson Johnson

Ally Johnson was healed of Alopecia Universalis & Baldness.

At the age of eight, Allyson was diagnosed with Alopecia Universalis, a rare and incurable disease that causes the total loss of hair. For over a decade Allyson struggled with the shame of never being good enough to earn her healing from God, until one teaching changed her life forever.

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Niki Weller

Niki Weller was healed of Environmental Illness & Fibromyalgia.

For 5 years Niki couldn’t walk, feed herself, or even use the bathroom alone. Niki received her healing God had for her over 20 years ago. Since then, God has continued to reveal His love and faithfulness in her life.

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Julieann Hartman

Julieann Hartman was healed of Fibromyalgia.

In 2008 Julieann was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and no explanation as to why. Thus started her journey to being fully and completely healed by Jesus. It was through this journey that she discovered the finished work of the Cross. Now her life’s goal is to share this truth with others who are suffering at the hands of sickness & disease.

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Colleen Iammarino

Colleen Iammarino was healed of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.

Condemned by the mistakes of her past, Colleen spent years crippled by incurable backpain. Her testimony shows how the message of God’s unconditional love and grace healed her body, but only after it restored her heart.

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Nichole Marbach

Nichole Marbach was healed of Bipolar Disorder, Self-Harm & Alcoholism.

Nichole’s powerful testimony is one of overcoming panic attacks, bipolar disorder, self-injury, suicide attempts, alcoholism, and other addictions. She now has a passion to minister to hurting people, as well as people with mental illnesses, teaching them that Jesus paid the price for their healing!

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Cindy Mezas

Cindy Mezas was healed of Radiation Induced Intestinal Holes.

Before hearing the truths of God Wants You Well and You’ve Already Got It, Cindy Mezas underwent intense chemotherapy to overcome the diagnosis of cervical cancer. Little did she know that the side effects from all of the treatment would be another war altogether: a battle where she would have to use her authority in Christ to survive.

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Mike Hoesch

Mike Hoesch was healed of Malignant Neoplasm Cancer.

The diagnosis was malignant neoplasm. The tumor grew at an alarming rate and began to metastasize in Mike Hoesch’s body. Mike was confused, discouraged, and convinced that he was not healed, because he didn’t measure up. Then a friend gave him hope.

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Jeremiah Klaas

Jeremiah Klaas was healed of Multiple Sclerosis & Drug Addiction.

After spending years believing for healing from multiple sclerosis, Jeremiah just wanted to give up and die. His testimony is about how Jeremiah received his miracle, not through doing all the right things but by resting in the finished work of Jesus.

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Racquel Hudson

Racquel Hudson was healed of Kidney Failure, Heart Failure & Lupus.

Where most couples usually spend their first year getting used to living together, the Hudson’s first year was spent dealing with Racquel’s autoimmune disease known as Lupus. As the years would go by, Lupus would turn into kidney failure, which in turn would become a failing heart. This is the testimony of how one young couple renewed their mind in the Word through Andrew’s teachings and stood against every attack of the enemy.

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